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Welcome to Sila Bridal. We are so happy to meet you. Sila Bridal aims to give you the most personal and fun bridal fitting experience where you'll fit our modern and luxurious uniquely designed gowns.

Welcome to Sila Bridal. We specialize in excellent quality bridalwear that's modern, unique and luxurious. We aim to make each and every bride feel exceptionally special when visiting our studio in Pretoria, by offering a private, intimate and hands-on experience. We can't wait to meet you and welcome you to the Sila Bride family.


The epitome of a true MODERN wedding gown. With it's unique cutout details you can be sure to make a long lasting impression. It's unconventional style will compliment any bride who dares to be different and will also compliment her figure with it's slim fitted subtle mermaid style design. We absolutely adore this gown!

Nothing beats simplicity and pure elegance, and our LYRA gown is exactly that. Plain silhouette yet detailed, and timeless with a fully beaded aesthetic. One could never go wrong with a beaded dress to suit a bride of pure elegance's needs. The LYRA gown is especially designed for the brides who wants a exquisite yet contemporary design. LYRA is our latest creation and will most definitely turn heads. She's timeless, modern and just beyond glamourous. 


Our PEARL gown is the epitome of luxury and class. With it's soft mermaid design and it's beautiful beaded exterior it will surely make any bride look and feel exquisite on her magical day. It's overall hand-beaded look adds the perfect feminine touch to a very striking aesthetic. Nothing gets more luxurious that our Pearl gown.

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